Belton Campus

1215 S. Wall St.
Belton, TX 76513

Contemporary Worship
Sunday – 9:00 AM

Sunday School & Bible Class
Sunday – 10:15 AM

Temple Campus

2109 W. Ave. H.
Temple, TX 76504

Traditional Worship
Sunday – 8 AM

Sunday School & Bible Class
Sunday – 9:15 AM

Contemporary Worship
Sunday – 10:30 AM

Note: Service times are subject to change during holiday seasons like Christmas and Easter.
You can find those changes in our events list when they are announced.


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Take a moment to check out some of our frequently asked questions!

Our worship services are a time for us as the Church to come together as a baptized community of believers, meet Jesus in His Word and Supper, respond to Him with prayer, praise and thanksgiving, connecting with each other to embrace the story of Jesus and the stories in which we live.  It’s for that reason we place an important emphasis on what is sacred, sincere, and substantial. You will find our services are created to proclaim the story of Jesus through our music, sermons, and even the seasons of the Church Year.

  • Our Acoustic Worship Service combines the ancient beauty of church hymns with a few modern songs and shares it with a simple acoustic sound. This worship service is available at our Temple Campus on Saturdays at 5PM, is an acoustic blend.

  • Our Historic Worship Services bring forth the richness and beauty of all the church has created for worship over the centuries including the beauty of historic hymns and the use of classical choirs and instruments such as the organ and hand bells. You can join us for one of our historic services at our Temple campus, Sundays 8 AM or our Belton campus, Sundays 11:00 AM.

  • Our Contemporary Worship Service is piano driven and features drums, guitars, and selections of the best contemporary Christian worship has to offer. This worship service is available at our Temple Campus on Sundays at 10:30 AM.

  • Our Modern Worship Service is predominantly guitar driven and will offer an ancient/modern sound with an order of worship that is much more free flowing. The music includes a combination of all of the great modern worship songs and hymns the church has created throughout the centuries but offered in a simple band style. This worship service is available at our Belton Campus on Sundays at 9:00 AM.

We understand keeping children focused is a busy task for all parents. Therefore, the Nursery/Care Room is available for parents to use during any of our worship services to assist you in those moments where you might need to step out and care for your child. In Belton the Care Room is the first door on the left as you exit the Worship Center. In Temple, go through the doors into the lobby and head down the main hallway. The Nursery is the second door on your left.

Immanuel Lutheran is a family church and we want to offer a safe place for children to explore all that God has made them to be in Jesus. At both campuses, our Bible Discovery Hour begins with a unified gathering of family friendly music, prayer and food. From there all ages will split off into age appropriate discovery and activities. At our Temple location Bible Discovery Hour begins Sundays at 9:15 am in the Auditorium. At our Belton location Bible Discovery Hour begins Sundays at 10 am in the Fellowship Hall.

At ILM, you will find that people dress differently based on their personal style preferences and views on worship. Ultimately, though, we don’t care what you wear as long as you wear something.

Martin Luther’s hope at the time of the Reformation in the 1500’s was to reform or change those teachings and practices in the church that were contrary to God’s Word. Uniquely enough, Luther was also happy to keep the teachings and practices in the church that agreed with God’s Word to begin with. At the same time, those churches which enter into the Evangelical and Reformed branches of Christianity, tended to want to reform everything about the church of the day. Lutheran’s therefore, find themselves uniquely in the middle of the different churches. There are similarities, in fact, with most branches of the Christian church, (Catholicism, the Reformed churches and Evangelicals) but differences remain as well. For a more in depth understanding of Lutherans, visit The LCMS website.


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In Person Sunday School and Bible Class

September 20 @ 9:15 AM - October 13 @ 10:15 PM CDT

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Join A Small Group Today

We have a variety of groups at ILM but all are designed to help us grow in our relationship with Jesus and people inside and outside of His church. Our goal is to help people seek, recognize and respond to what Jesus is up to in our daily lives and the lives of the people we encounter on a regular basis.