Immanuel Lutheran Ministries is ever grateful for the service to God’s Kingdom of Sr. Pastor Dana Wilhelmsen and Director of Family Life Marca Scott, who both plan to retire December 31, 2021. Our hearts cannot express the deep gratitude we have for their love and devotion for Jesus’ church and His people, or how much ILM has been blessed by their service to the Gospel of Jesus in this community! Their many years of loving service will be sorely missed at ILM and our pray is that God’s peace, protection and blessings go with them as they approach this new journey in their lives. We also want to thank their families, especially Vera and Jerry, for their sacrifices as well. We are humbled by the many hours of volunteer work as well as your willingness to “lend” your spouse to our service countless nights and weekends. Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. Your love and support for Dana and Marca have been extremely helpful through the years and has served the members of ILM with kindness and love. We thank you all!

Although we recognize servants of such value can never be replaced, it is our intent to call a new Sr. Pastor who will then be asked to lead the Staff and Board of Directors in designing how our Family Life Ministry will look going forward. if you are interested in learning more about our Sr. Pastor Call Process, please click the button below.

Sr Pastor Call Process