We are excited to launch the third At Home With God campaign, Meals@Home!  Over a  90 day period we will be focusing on revitalizing our family table routine.  One of the simplest ways to instill strong faith and values at home is to share meals together in an intentional manner. Studies confirm that kids and teens that eat frequent meals with the family do better in school and avoid risky behaviors such as drinking, drugs and promiscuity.  Homes with just adults benefit by taking time out of their busy day to come together to de-stress and enjoy time strengthening and building relationships with spouse and friends.

To help make the process easy, we will provide tools including a Meals@Home guide and audio podcast (look to the right and click), a free place mat for the kids and several mealtime chat recipe cards.  There’s more!  Join in the fun and participate in a contest where you can compete with other ILM families to win gift certificates to local eateries throughout the 90 day campaign.  All you have to do to participate is mark the times you eat together on your meal tracker card, turn it in to the box at the At Home With God Center at each campus, and you’ll be entered into the drawing each month. 

Don’t forget to pick up your Meals@Home packet at our At Home With God Centers at either of our ILM locations!