We have a variety of groups at ILM but all are designed to help us grow in our relationship with Jesus and people inside and outside of His church. Our goal is to help people seek, recognize and respond to what Jesus is up to in our daily lives and the lives of the people we encounter on a regular basis.

Why Groups?

Groups are our ministry of choice to help you get connected and grow in your relationship with Jesus and other believers so that you are loved and cared for by your church and are supported by fellow disciples as you join Jesus on His mission every day!

What to Expect in a Group?

No matter the type of group you join, all of our communities are intended to help strengthen our relationship with Jesus and His church by fostering Fellowship, Prayer, the Application of God’s Word, and Service. Groups may be structured differently and focus on each of these in their own way, but the goal is the same: To help make disciples who make more disciples. We want what God wants, to see His Kingdom full of people! And we believe groups are a great way to help foster the key ingredients necessary for that to happen. Continue on to the next page to learn more about the foundational identities we believe are necessary for groups to thrive!