At Home with God (AHWG) exists to help you become intentional about building a God-honoring home one-step at a time. Our hope is that these materials serve as a resource to help God’s people build trust, foster intimacy and strengthen healthy relationships at home. We believe that by being intentional about what happens in our relationships with Jesus and each other at home, the Holy Spirit will work to cultivate a fertile soil in which God’s Word can flourish and thrive in each of our lives!

Scripture tells us plainly that Jesus’ mission for His church is to make disciples who make more disciples. But God’s Word also tells us that discipleship begins at home! No, it shouldn’t remain at home, but people learn to live within the context of the Truths of Jesus at home and then take the Truths of Jesus with them as they head out into the surrounding world on a daily basis. AHWG is here to help God’s Word flourish to empower disciple making in all of our ILM households!

Below you will find helpful resources for everyone in your household. Please know, it doesn’t matter what your home looks like – singles, couples, families, younger, older or in-between! AHWG has helpful resources for any household type and is intentionally designed to support and guide your focus toward God’s Word, discipleship and mission!

We invite you to take advantage of these resources designed to inspire and equip intentional spiritual growth. Please know you are welcome to contact any member of our Full Time Ministry Staff Team if you have any questions about how to get started. God’s richest blessings as you join us at home with God!

Your ILM Ministry Staff!